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Salam, Hello, Nimen hao. Well, I am Sara ARRAR , a bachelor degree graduated student from the institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (ex: INELEC) Boumerdes, Algeria, Currently master student in Electrical engineering at university of electronic science and technology of China.

Why China?

Why not! (Corona heh? Hahaha), actually my path was a little bit sketchy, it was a little bit uneven, but this path led me to a beautiful place and that was the starting point. I was fascinated by the Chinese development in everything, so I started thinking about it for real and just trying to seize any opportunity come to my way.

Well, I have applied online for Chinese universities. It was quite simple, I searched about official website ( and started reading it from top to bottom, I got all information about scholarships from there, and tried to be convinced through my CV, official papers and application form (everything was listed in that website, if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me). Eventually, I believed that I can reach it, and here I am, Master student in UESTC (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China).

Tell us about your choice for the major and your Master studies ?

I had clear vision from the beginning I wanted to complete the way I started so I chose  electrical engineering, like all master students here in china, your first year would be full of courses that will enhance your knowledge in your field of studies; so now, I am taking all courses related to power, electrical and control engineering. The second year, you will be totally free for your thesis and laboratory work, actually even now, we are supposed to go to lab and work on our projects.

What language do you use?

Jia you A’rjiliya! Jia you! Fight Algeria!

Well, for work and studies, I’d say English for sure. But, to make life easier for you here, I definitely recommend you to learn Chinese language, because more than 70% of population use it for daily life.

But I still insist on English, you must have your weapon.

What did you get from the Algerian University?

That question hit me. The thing that I learned from INELEC is certain things have to go wrong in your life for better things to go right. It is hard to accept it that time but I am blessed because I’ve learnt ‘Patience, self-development and hard work’. So, thanks for life time lessons.

Any Challenges ?

You’ll never win your war if you run away from your battles, I faced many of them like everyone did, China is very special and incredible place. The most difficult challenge is getting used to food, culture and language. I advise any one is planning to come to china, to learn at least the basics in the language because it will ease many things for you, and try to have contact with others who’s been here to teach you how to live and react , because China is whole different world.

What are your perspectives?

Actually, I’d like to talk about very short ones, looking to complete my master degree and then see weather I would complete my PHD or just enter new world with different prospective. I would never know what tomorrow hides after all I need to trust the process and believe in it whatever it is. I wish you all the best of best and if any has any further question please don’t hesitate to contact me.


I’m honored to work with  Sara on this article 🙂

For further information ,feel free to contact Sara on Linkedin : Sara ARRAR

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