#Ask_SalmaCategory: QuestionsYour webpage is very beautiful
Avatarsoraya asked 8 months ago

Hello SALMA ! I want to know how did you learn creating a webpage ?Is it by ur own? or you got cources from some one ? or from ESI ?or …..?  I also want to know if ESI is sufficient to teach you coding in general to the extent that someone can master it ? I’ll be so glad if you answer me ..GOOD DAY

Salma Bekkouche Staff replied 7 months ago

Hi Soraya , Welcome to Salma Share website , Happy you like it 🙂
My friend Mohammed Riad BASSA who created for me 🙂
For more details ,you can contact him on Linkedin :https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohammed-riad-bassa/
University / ESI ….give you basics to start only but you learn coding like you learn languages , you have to work on projects as many as you can to reach mastery